Hi! I'm Kaitlyn! My husband is Eric and Zurich is our new baby boy. We bought what is now Chicory Fields Farm in the Spring of 2020.

We own 10 1/2 acres in East Tennessee and dove into farm life head first. My childhood and adult dreams of being a homesteader and farmer came true! I grew up with horses, the occasional chickens and a large garden. I loved it!

Eric on the other hand, grew up in CA and NC and had never thought about becoming a farmer, until I convinced him. ;) Now he loves it!

We named our farm Chicory Fields Farm because our fields are covered in beautiful purply blue Chicory in the summer.


We raise beef cattle, dairy goats, chickens for eggs and meat and ducks for eggs. We hope to get a milk cow in 2022! We are working on becoming as self sufficient as we can and not rely on the grocery store for our food, as much as possible. And who doesn't like to know exactly where their food came from?! Our goal is stop shopping at the grocery store all together!

To help with this, we buy bulk food and supplies through Naturally A Deal and Azure Standard. 


Azure provides all organic or non-gmo food. Amongst other supplies, including animal feed.  If you would like to try it,  you can use my personal link here if you would like to help my family out. We'd appreciate it! And it costs nothing extra for you.


We are still learning but hope to be of some help to others along the way. I plan to share recipes, our gardening adventures - good and bad -, help with raising livestock and anything else related to homesteading! I finally dove into sourdough making this year and am obsessed! I will be selling sourdough bread, sourdough cinnamon rolls, luffa sponges and more in the shop.

My Etsy shop, IrisandIvyCo is also available to shop on this website. There you can find funny mugs, t-shirts and some other apparel. I will be adding mugs with our farm logo, some with our farm animals on them, as well as Egg stamps.

We also sell chicks and ducklings in the spring and summer, fresh chicken and duck eggs until they stop laying for the year, as well as beef shares. Once we have our milk cow, herd shares will be available as well. I plan to open a farm stand in 2022, with seasonal veggies, homemade taco seasoning and more. 

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You can also follow along with our daily life and see pictures of our cute animals on Instagram: @farmsteadfoodie 

Thanks for stopping by!